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Document and Data Management Solutions

We provide fully integrated solutions for the storage and the management of all your documents, your archives and your records in any form like physical, electronic, magnetic, microfilms etc. With our services you will be able to have unlimited and direct access to all your information without any limits. Our goal is to offer you customized solutions to the individual needs of your business by reassuring security and profit.


Physical Storage

Secure Document Storage Solutions

Goldair has the appropriate storage areas to store and handle all your physical documents according to the international standards of safety. We are able to store for long term all your business documents - both non-current documents (obliged by law to be kept but rarely used) and current documents (documents in regular use) in your own boxes or in special A4 and/or A3 size file boxes that we provide.


Scan on Demand Service

Our "Scan-on-Demand" solution provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative to retrieving and delivering boxes of paper files. How it works:

  1. When we receive your documents we register them in our specialized software with all necessary information like the identification number of the boxes, the date of creation, the store from which it derives, the kind of the file, the creation date etc. Based on that process, we are able any time you want to retrieve any of your documents.
  2. You email us your retrievals list
  3. We locate the box — or even individual files — and scan the contents to accessible PDF format.
  4. We upload the scanned documents to our secure download area.
  5. You log-on to us via an ordinary internet browser and download the PDF files.
  6. The PDF scans
  7. Your document box is then returned to our secure archive store.

Giving you access to your documents 24/7, electronic data retrieval is fast and environmentally friendly. In addition we provide the following services:

  • Delivery of documents anywhere you want or
  • Collecting and relocating of documents back to the physical file
  • Document Translation
  • Certified destruction and file recycling

E-Document Services

Transforming your physical documents into Electronic Document

We provide you the possibility to convert part or all of your physical documents (documents, engineering drawings, microfilm, audio and video cassettes, films, photographs, slides, historical files with cultural value, etc.) to digital, benefiting this way from all the advantages of electronic filing and direct search of your file.


Electronic Records Management

We provide an electronic platform that introduces and manages your digitized file with the ability of controlled user access for instant searching, display, categorizing and editing your documents into various file formats like .DOC, .XLS, PDF, images, etc. .)

Automatic data recognition from your physical files (Form Reading)

We handle the conversion of scanned images or printed text to text that can be read from editable files of computer (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.). This way you can re-edit the text, avoiding typing it from the beginning.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

We handle the conversion of scanned images or printed text to text that can be read from editable files of computer (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.). This way you can re-edit the text, avoiding typing it from the beginning.


Additional File Services

Certified Secure Shredding and Recycling

When it comes to confidential shredding and recycling we understand that security is vital. If you don't protect the security and privacy of your documents, you fail to protect your company's, employees' and customers' confidential information and if it falls into the wrong hands the results can be expensive, including lost reputation and public relations embarrassment and lost revenue. For the destruction of your inactive documents, we provide you the possibility of destruct your documents with our professional Shredder which is compliance according to the international standards DIN 32757-1.The confidentiality and continuous security of your information are maintained throughout the destruction process.

The safety levels on the destruction of the documents are divided into 5 levels with the security levels 2 and 3 being the most popular for businesses. For banks we use the safety level 4 and for government agencies, Special Forces and secret services which are subjected to top security requirements we use the highest security level which is the 5th. After the destruction we will provide you with certificate of safety destruction and recycling.


Secure Storage of Data Media( magnetic, optical, microfilms, etcμαγνητικών, οπτικών, microfilms, etc)

ΑWe undertake the storage and the planned receipt / delivery of all types of storage media such as DVD's, Blu-Ray, backup servers,, HVD, hard drives, all kinds of films like Reel-to-reel / open-reel tapes, Quarter inch cartridge ( QIC), Digital Audio Tape (DAT), Digital Linear Tape (DLT or Super DLT or CompacTape), SONY Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT or Super AIT) etc. in a special treasury with stable temperature and humidity conditions..


Microphotography of Documents

We can microphotograph your documents on films of 16 or 35 mm or in a microfiche. The main advantages of this method of file storage are:

  • Evidential legal value of micro photographed file
  • Ensure 500-year lifetime for the microfilm file
  • Collect high volume of information on a film roll with corresponding space savings.

Text Translations

In collaboration with our specialized professional translators partners who are certified with the international standard provision of Translation Services EN 15038, we provide you the possibility of translations of all your documents in the areas of legal, economic and technical translation in most languages ​​of the world. Through our partnership we have access to in-house electronic terminological dictionaries that have hundreds and thousands terms to find, the use and verification of specialized terminology, in the specific algorithmic matching software already translated terms and phrases in an environment-assisted from a computer translator

Consulting information management services

Our Company’s specialized information management advisors are at your disposal to design the solution that covers the needs of your business. The understanding and the collecting of requirements, the detailed design, the use of advanced technology development tools, the documentation, and the reassurance of the quality of the delivered product, are the main axes of the implementation phase of our solutions.


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